Naples: Breaking the Stereotype

I’d like to think that I’ve travelled rather extensively in Italy. However, until this weekend I had never been South of Rome. Most of my adventures are confined to Northern and Central Italy. This post is really just a stream of consciouness as thoughts occur to me. I’m usually against stereotyping people, but the longer I spend it Italy the more I’ve come to realise that … Continue reading Naples: Breaking the Stereotype

Toledo, Segovia, and everything inbetween

When I first started this blog, I said that it would probably be a sporadic venture, which I think has been rather a self-fullfiling prophecy thus far. It’s all gone quiet on the Wester Front so to speak. I think that the reason  I’ve been so reticent to write this next post is that I am still suffering from post Madrid blues. I have been … Continue reading Toledo, Segovia, and everything inbetween

Trials, Tribulations, and Initial Observations

I have been here for 2 weeks now, and in that time I have accomplished rather a lot. Last weekend I visited the Palacio Real, and as with any Royal Palace in Europe, it is lavish and luxurious, and an absolute must for anyone visiting Madrid. For those interested in history, Madrid was only declared the capital of Spain in 1561 by King Philip II, … Continue reading Trials, Tribulations, and Initial Observations